10 Ways Toddlers Cause Parents Excruciating Pain

10 Ways Toddlers Cause Parents Excruciating Pain I mum-bo-jumbo.com

Kids cause their parents to experience almost every emotion imaginable, from anger to love, from disappointment to pride, from sorrow to joy, all on a daily basis. It’s a normal part of the parenting process. However there is another thing that young kids and toddlers cause parents to experience on a regular basis, in my case every day, and that is physical pain or injury.

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If excruciating pain because you have been poked in the eye by a toddler or from stepping on a piece of Lego, is meant to be a normal part of the parenting process, then why wasn’t I warned? I wish I was told sooner so I could have invested in some PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) as a safety precaution.

I realise toddlers and young children don’t deliberately go out of their way to physically hurt their parents nor do they mean any harm when they laugh at us while we are rolling around on the ground in pain. Toddlers are only beginning to learn that actions have consequences. The actual thought process of considering what the consequences would be is well beyond them at this stage of their development. In fact, even some adults struggle with this!

I have never before experienced as much physical pain on a daily basis until I became a mother. As this is an issue I have rarely seen raised (maybe the topic is taboo?), I can only hope that the number of times I get hurt will reduce as my son gets older.

In the meantime, here are 10 ways my son regularly causes me to hurt myself, inadvertently, accidentally or otherwise.

10 Ways Toddlers Cause Parents Excruciating Pain

 10.  When Helping Really isn’t Helping

When I move my son’s toddler chairs to sweep underneath his table, he will try to “help” me. The chairs are rather heavy and he struggles to lift them. Although I try to take it off him, he is adamant he can do it without my help then drops it straight onto my foot.


Picture by Ryan McGuire

9. Bed Time Bruising

When I tuck my son into bed, it is part of his routine for me to read him a story. I’ll grab a book and sit down on his bed to read to him. However instead of sitting on the mattress, more than once I have actually sat on the corner edge of the bed rail because it is hidden underneath his blanket. There’s nothing like a good ‘corking’ to the leg.


8. Poke-a-Boo!

Peek-a-Boo. A common game we all know and love to play with toddlers. I quickly learnt that if I was going to play this with my son while he was sitting on my lap, to expect him to poke me straight in the eye when I said, “Boo!”


7. Teethy Teats

Breastfeeding a baby can be hard for some mothers at the best of times, but breastfeeding a baby with teeth is downright painful and dangerous. You might as well go and get your nipple pierced.


6. Bust a Gut in the Morning

Don’t you love it when your kids come barreling into your bedroom in the morning, jumping on the bed and landing straight on your stomach, leaving you breathless and winded? Yeah. I love how my day starts. It’s the best.


5. Scoot Along for a Ride 

It doesn’t matter how often I pick up my son’s toys, as soon as I put some away, there’s another lot out. If I am doing the laundry or carrying things through the house, I have learnt to conduct an inspection of the intended pathway beforehand or risk scooting along the hallway on a ball or the top of a toy car  before landing flat on my back.


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 4. This Little Piggy 

In my view, ride on toys, toddler bikes and walkers should never have been invented. They are nothing but a toe hazard. My poor toes have been run over, crushed and squashed so many times now, I have lost count. If my son is coming flat out towards me on a ride on toy, I can’t help but panic. I leap out of the way, darting and dodging – anything to save my toes. All this does is encourage him to chase me until he has successfully run over my toes. All of them. On both feet.


3. Bust Ya Back

My son went through a stage of jumping on the calf of my leg for “horsey” rides. Because of how vigorous he was starting to jump and how heavy he was, it was getting too much for me and I made him stop doing it. He was hysterical so I got down on all fours to let him ride on my back. That was fun until I twitched my sciatica nerve and couldn’t get up again. Now he expects me to do this all the time. Stupid, stupid idea.


Picture by Ryan McGuire

2. Holy Feet!

I think it is universally known by parents that if you stand on a piece of Lego, the pain is SO bad you might just faint. My husband and I have recently discovered something that is even more painful to stand on than Lego. Triangle shaped wooden blocks. Oh my goodness. Kill me now.  Thanks Nanna for that super gift.


1. The Pain of Giving Birth on a Scale of 1 – 10: 1,000,000,000

Although labour happens long before our kids are toddlers, every mother in the world will understand why this made the number one spot on the list. Giving birth is the most excruciating pain any mother will experience. No further dialogue on the subject is required.


Do your kids accidentally cause you to hurt yourself on a regular basis? Do you have any unusual stories to share about how your kids have hurt you? I would love some reassurance that I am not the only one this happens to!  

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  1. haha! I feel like I’m always getting beat up by my son. I’ve gotten scratches (not on purpose) and my poor nipples! I agree with you on child birth though- nothing will come close to that pain.
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    • Oh Tricia, thank goodness I am not the only one this happens to! I may be battered and bruised but I am so relieved lol. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. A great post and oh so true, but they do grow up and that’s when you get the emotional pain!
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  3. Chris Economou Olson says:

    Legos are the worst!! I have cut my foot open with one.

  4. This was spot-on. My back is always hurting. I’ve had back spasms several times.
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  5. Haha, oh little people are just bulldozers, who have no clue as to have to drive themselves. My first born on the night before my sisters wedding jumped up as my sister was bending down and my kids head hit her upper lip, giving my sister a beautiful FAT LIP the night before HER WEDDING!!!!! I thought my sister was going to kill her.

    Hehe, now she is a mum, and I can’t tell you how many accidents she has had with them.
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  6. Great post – us Mom’s need to be wearing football uniforms!! ha/ha Happy New Year!
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