9 Free Family Activities for Father’s Day

9 Free Fun Family Activities for Father's Day l mum-bo-jumbo.comWith Father’s Day only a week away and living expenses constantly on the rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult for families to go out for a day together. The simplicity of special days like Father’s Day seem to have long disappeared in this corporate and commercialised world.

With this in mind, I have compiled a list of simple and free family activities that you can all do together this Father’s Day, or on any other day for that matter, regardless of your budget.

9 Free Family Activities for Father’s Day

  • Play A Board Game

When was the last time you pulled out a board game and played together as a family? In all honesty, I cannot remember the last time we did this! Whether it is Scattergories, Jenga, Family Feud or heaven forbid, Monopoly, playing board games is a great way to have fun with the whole family.

  • Check Out Local Nature Trails

Many areas now have designated walk trails that are jam packed with nature local to the area. Check local government websites for tracks in your area. They will normally indicate difficulty level and how long they should take so this will help you to choose one suitable for your family.

Always remember to wear a hat, sunscreen and to take plenty of water and a first aid kit. Avoid detouring off any trails and always let friends or family members know where you are heading and when you are likely to be back!

  • Have a Home Movie Night

Believe it or not, many Dads out there love a good family animated film so why not flick on a DVD or choose a movie from Netflix? Make some popcorn, get the kids to bring out their sleeping bags and pillows, snuggle up with Dad and voila! Cuddles with Dad while watching a family favourite. It doesn’t get much better than that.

  • Play A Ball Game

With so many ball games to choose from, there is no stopping any family from heading out to the backyard, going to a local park or basketball courts to play some ball together.

Grab the football, soccer ball, rugby ball, baseball or the basketball and get some fresh air while having some outdoor fun with the family. If none of those ball games are to your liking, the great Australian tradition of backyard cricket is always a hit with the Dads. Pun intended.

  • Go Cycling

I always get a warm feeling when I see a family going on a bike ride together. Exploring your local area while exercising and working together as a team is a brilliant way to spend quality time together as a family.

It’s great how many of the paths these days are designated cycle paths, making it safer for families to go out cycling together. So wipe the cobwebs off the bikes, pump up the tyres, put on your helmets and head off for a family bike ride this Father’s Day!

  • Have a Barbecue or Picnic

Give Dad the day off from turning the snags and organise a barbecue either at home or down at the local park. Get the kids involved by having them help prepare some of the food such as a salad. If they are old enough, they can even have a go at turning the sausages on the barbecue!

If you don’t have a barbecue or there aren’t any in your local community, a picnic with Dad will work just as well. Delegate something for each of the kids to take responsibility for packing (drinks, snacks, picnic rug etc). If they are old enough, you can have them help prepare sandwiches with Dad’s favourite fillings!

  • Fly a Kite

Flying a kite is a fun yet surprising challenge! Bring back some of Dad’s fondest childhood memories by having him teach the kids how to fly a kite. The kids will love learning how to do it and will adore their father all the more for it.

If there is no wind around, you might have to try this activity another time!

  • Visit a Museum

Turn Father’s Day into a fun yet educational day out by visiting a museum together. Many museums have free entry however some may charge a minimal fee to enter but they are well worth it.

Take some time to research museums in your area and see what exhibitions are taking place. Some museums have specific points of interest such as war or maritime museums. There is bound to be an exhibition happening or a themed museum that the entire family will enjoy visiting.

  •  Play Outdoor Games

Have fun in the sun with a series of outdoor games. You may like to try some quoits or a game of bocce.  If that isn’t to your taste or the kids are too young, you can always throw a frisbee to one another or have fun with hoola hoops.

Some communities have other outdoor games you might like to try with the family. In my city, there is a free outdoor community ping pong table – bats and balls are borrowed from the local Visitors Centre.  For less active fun, find out if there are any free giant outdoor board games in your local area such as snakes and ladders or chess, they are so much fun!

Spending quality time together as a family on Father’s Day doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money. There are plenty of fun, free family activities you can do together. Why not surprise Dad this Father’s Day and plan one of these activities?

How are you going to spend Father’s Day with your family?

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  1. These are great ideas for a family outing. How interesting that we celebrate Father’s day at a different time.

  2. great list, many we do often. But you have given me the idea to get out our croquet set, which we’ve never used and set it up out the back on Father’s Day and maybe take a bush walk. I love ideas of quality free stuff we can all do. Thank you 😄

  3. Love all of your ideas! Our day isn’t exactly free but it will be a lot of fun- the boys want to go mini golfing as a family and I have planned afternoon tea out at a local cafe.

  4. I love these ideas and they are perfect for any day not just Fathers Day. As I meant to take Charlie to the Musuem this Summer and did not get it done. But since school is back in I can see what he is learning at school and go now and tie it in with what he is learning.

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