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Kelly aka Mum-bo-Jumbo

Welcome and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Kelly, aka Mum-bo-Jumbo. I am a 30 something year old Australian woman with a passion for writing, reading, crafting, eating and drinking.

A long time public servant, while on maternity leave I began working as a freelance writer and contributed to the popular Australian website “Stay at Home Mum”.

I am currently a contributor to Australia’s fastest growing blogger community for Mums and Dads, “Parent Talk Australia“. I am also proud to be part of the NerdyGirl Writers team.


While I have a serious side, my friends describe me as having a great sense of humour. I love useless information (aka trivia) and spending countless hours on social media. I also try to live on a tight budget.

I enjoy spending as much time as I can with my toddler son doing things he enjoys including arts and crafts, watching Monster Jam and reading books.

I try to see the glass as half full and enjoy the simple things in life such as the smell of rain, looking at the stars, breathing in fresh air and procrastinating.

Thanks again for stopping by. I would like to officially welcome you to the madness of my life, with the very public disclaimer that you enter at your own risk.

Like sands through an hour glass, these are the days of being a wife. And a mother. And everything else in between.

Kelly aka Mum-bo-Jumbo

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