#AskAwayFriday: Lysa Wilds, Blogger from Welcome to My Circus

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#AskAwayFriday: Meet Lysa Wilds, Blogger from Welcome to my Circus


Lysa Wilds, blogger at Welcome to My Circus is a mother to four children and a grandmother to five with one on the way. Lysa, a former newspaper reporter and book author, like many mothers wears a number of hats every day. From cook to maid to referee, these are just a few of the hats Lysa wears.

Lysa blogs about her crazy life (which she loves and wouldn’t have it any other way) and aligns it with that of a circus, hence the name of her blog, “Welcome to my Circus“.  In her words, grab yourself some peanuts and a refreshing drink, pop over to her blog and laugh along with her!

You can read Lysa’s #AskAwayFriday series here.

#AskAwayFriday: Lysa asks Kelly

I read on your blog that you have a 16 year old step-daughter. How different is life as a teen for her compared to your own teenage years? Which ways do you wish they were the same?

Unfortunately, things have been strained between us recently. You can read about it here.

The are a couple of big differences between her experiences and mine as a teen. Firstly and foremost, she lost her mother at the age of 13. Although I have been there to support her through her grief, I have seen first hand how the loss of a parent as a teenager affects someone. This is something that I can’t imagine going through myself.

Secondly, the obvious difference is the world of the internet and social media. When I was a teen, it was the early days for the internet, or the “world wide web” as it was known. I had no idea what they were on about!

I am not so sure there are any ways I wish they were the same. Every generation is different and I think that is the way it is meant to be. If anything, I am just glad there was no such thing as “selfies” in my teen years!!

Where did you live when you were growing up? What are/were some of your favorite things about that city/town?

As a toddler, I lived in the seaside city where I currently reside. We then moved to what is known as the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. Think wheat and sheep farming. This was a great place to grow up and our biggest toy was “outside”.  You can see a map of the area here.

The year I started high school, we moved to a small town not far from the coast. This is where I met my best friend (who is now my husband!), got my first part time job and graduated high school. This town has a lot of special memories for me.

Ever since I was a kid and I first learned about Australia I was always curious about the country. What were the “in” things to do when you were a kid? A teenager? Do the places you would frequent still exist?

Living in small towns meant we didn’t have a lot of choices of entertainment and it was a case of making our own fun.

As a teen, I would often go to the local river to swim or catch marron (a type of freshwater shell fish). I would also regularly go camping in a beautiful timber town called Dwellingup. Dwellingup is very popular among all Western Australians to go camping at. I still love going there today.

property image

Living in cities or on the coast would have been a different experience for other teens but essentially being outdoors, going swimming, fishing, camping and having barbecues were a big part of growing up in Australia and still is today.

At what age did you first learn to drive and receive your first driver’s license? How old do you have to be to get a driver’s license there in Australia? Does it vary from place to place?

When I was learning to drive in Western Australia, you had to be 16 years and 9 months to apply for a learners permit. You could apply for a provisional licence at the age of 17 and you had this for 12 months before you were granted a full licence. We call them “P-Platers” as they need to display a P Plate sign at the front and rear of the vehicle. At that time, all the provisional licence meant was that you were restricted on alcohol limits.

Leongatha Driving School can help you move from Victorian L plates to P plates

I learnt to drive when I was 17 and got my provisional licence at the age of 18. My first car was a 1978 Ford Escort!

Things have changed a lot since I got my licence and now teens can get their learner’s permit at the age of 16. They can be granted a provisionaly licence at 17, for two years and each year has different restrictions. The restrictions range from what time they can drive to how many passengers are permitted in the car, among others rules.

I am not sure of what the rules are in other states in Australia as this is governed independently but I imagine the rules are similar.

Do you have any siblings? If so how many brothers/sisters do you have? Are you the oldest, youngest, middle, or only child?

I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, with 8 years between us all. I am the eldest.

One brother lives in Queensland while the other is in the Northern Territory. My sisters and I all reside in Western Australia however are scattered across the state. One sister lives about a 20 minute drive away while the other is around six hours away!

#AskAwayFriday l Me and My Sisters l Lysa Wilds l mum-bo-jumbo.com Sisterly Love: Joanne, Tanya and Me!

What is the funniest childhood story/memory that you remember about yourself?

I have lots. Lots and lots of funny stories.

One that comes to mind was when I was about 10. I had gone to the toilet and when I came out, my parents were laughing and laughing and laughing at me. Apparently I had toilet paper hanging out the back of my pants!

Thank goodness that happened at home and not at school!!!

The below image is not me but I chose this because my maiden name is Brady! Image courtesy of YouTube.

This is a bit off topic but is my favorite question… LOL Have you EVER licked a 9 Volt battery to test and see if it still had juice in it? If you have when was the last time you did it? What were you thinking right before your tongue touched it? If you haven’t have you ever heard of doing this before I asked you this question?

Oh my goodness! I do remember doing this as a kid but I am not sure how old I was. All I remember was how much it HURT and I have never done it since.

I didn’t realise that is how to check if they still have “juice in them” and to this day, I don’t know what possessed me to do it. Probably my brothers tricking me!

Did or do they have Girl Scouts there? If so were you ever a Brownie or a Girl Scout? If you were what are some of your favorite memories from that time?

Yes we have Girl Guides and Brownies! I never had the opportunity to be a Brownie as I lived on a farm out of town and it was too difficult to get to and from it. By the time we moved I was a teenager and thought I was “too cool” to be a Girl Guide.

What was the first thing you remember wanting to “be” when you grew up? How old were you? Did that ever change throughout your childhood/teen years? Did you ever achieve that dream?

All I ever wanted was a good job and a nice house. I never wanted to get married or have kids. Career wise I wanted to be a writer or a journalist, or for some reason a lawyer.

To a degree, this has come true…but with a twist! 😉

Are all Australian’s trained at a young age to become Olympic Swimmers or is the reason Australian’s are such great swimmers due to the fact that you live on an island?

Hahahahahahahahaha!!! Believe it or not, I couldn’t even swim until I was 11. Living in the Wheatbelt meant we had no rivers, no ocean, no anything! We did have a swimming pool on the farm but I was terrified of drowning.

When my parents purchased a nursery and hardware store, we made the move into town. My parents bought us kids a season pass to the local swimming pool and it was then that I finally learnt to swim.

I went from doggy paddle to going for my bronze medallion (lifesaving certificate) within two summers. I also received the “Most Improved” trophy from the local swimming club!

On a serious note, because swimming is such a big part of the Australian culture, drowning is easy. I really want my son to learn how to swim at a young age. He started lessons when he was a baby but while he is going through his terrible twos, I have taken him out. I will start lessons with him again when he is about four.

Thank you Lysa for being my #AskAwayFriday buddy this week!

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  1. Oh my gosh Kelly your answers were great! I’m so glad you found my Olympic swimmer joke funny as I was a bit nervous about it. I noticed your fabulous sense of humor on your blog or I would never have dared ask it!

    I can relate to not having many options while you were growing up in a small town. I lived in a very small town about eight years ago, 600 people in the Midwest will Iowa to be exact, and creativity was a most or you’d go crazy! Hahaha

    You’re lucky that they had the world wide web when you were a teen as they didn’t when I was. I’m so old that I learned how to type on a typewriter! Bwahaha!

    What a funny coincidence that we both wanted to be journalists when we grew up! I am lucky to have been able to fulfill that childhood F dream!

    Thank you so much for being my #AskAwayFriday partner in crime this week. I had a lot of fun answering your questions on my post!

    Wishing you a fabulous Sunday afternoon, at least I think it’s afternoon there! I’m horrible at the whole time difference thing!
    Lysa invites you to read their latest post: Wait… What?!?! Me?! Aw-Shucks!My Profile

    • Thank you so much Lysa, I love being part of #AskAwayFriday and really appreciate you being so patient with a newbie like me! I have read your post but haven’t had a chance to comment on it yet – I promise I will as soon as I have some more time!

      When you said you learned to type on a typewriter, this reminded me of the time my Mum asked some years back to borrow my computer to type out her resume. I went off to work and came home that afternoon to discover Mum had only typed one line. Upon questioning her, Mum sheepishly told me she didn’t know how to get down to the next line! Hahahahaha! Believe it or not, my Mum is now an established blogger and knows more about computers than I do! Thanks again Lysa!

  2. What an awesome swap! It was so cool learning more about Australia and you! My kids will likely have to wait until they are 18 to get their license, it is so costly having them on insurance in the states. The “world wide web” sure has changed things. Have a great weekend, Kelly!
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