Happy and Healthy Dogs with Homemade Pet Food

Healthy Dog Food Recipe l mum-bo-jumbo.com

Having a rottweiler in the family is not only an adventure, it can get expensive. He eats a lot, around 1.5 – 2 kilograms of food a day and that is on a good day! Meet Thor.  Sick of paying top dollar for processed, inferior quality dog food, my sister suggested I make my own […]

Asian Inspired Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Asian Inspired Roasted Pumpkin Soup l mum-bo-jumbo.com

My Dad recently visited me before he left on a well deserved overseas holiday. Unfortunately I am not in a position to go with him so as a consolation prize, he left me a Japanese pumpkin fresh from his garden. As it is winter time here in Australia, it is the perfect time for pumpkin […]

Homemade Sweet Coconut Biscuits

Homemade Sweet Coconut Biscuits

Here in Australia, biscuits are what Americans regularly refer to as “cookies”. Either way, this recipe for homemade coconut biscuits is SO SIMPLE!  Although I used “sweet” in the title of this recipe, these biscuits aren’t too sweet – in fact they have just the right sweetness. I didn’t want anyone from overseas mistaking this recipe […]

Healthy Carrot and Oatmeal Cookies

Healthy Carrot and Oatmeal Cookies

With Easter this coming weekend (in Australia), I was looking for a healthy alternative to chocolate for Master 2. This is not to say he isn’t getting any Easter eggs. He will get plenty. His Nan, Aunty and Uncle are spoiling him so he won’t be getting any chocolate from us this year. He is […]

Gluten Free Carrot and Walnut Muffins

Gluten Free Carrot and Walnut Muffins

My husband has had a rather turbulent time with his health lately and with a sweet tooth, this doesn’t help. I knew it was about time I started making more homemade snacks. I knew this would help stop him from resorting to processed and packaged foods in between meals. I always try to use what […]

Homemade Fresh Beet and Apple Cake

Fresh Beet & Apple Cake l mum-bo-jumbo.com

Being relatively new to baking, I was scared of stepping out of my comfort zone and baking a cake with, GASP, both a fruit and a vegetable in it! However after tasting the end result, let me assure you, my reservations were completely unnecessary. I recently read some beetroot (beet) recipes on Nanna’s Wisdom, including […]

Homemade Pizza with Two Ingredient Pizza Dough!

Homemade Pizza with 2 Ingredient Pizza Dough

It was New Year’s Eve and I couldn’t be bothered cooking because we were having too much fun playing games at home! I knew the queue at many of the local take away places would be huge so decided it would be easy enough and quick enough to make homemade pizza. After getting everything out of […]

Homemade Christmas Sugar Cookies

Homemade Christmas Sugar Cookies mum-bo-jumbo.com

As some of you may be aware, I am relatively new to the baking scene. The only other cookies or biscuits I have ever baked from scratch before are ANZAC biscuits and they are foolproof.  I decided to branch out and bake some Christmas sugar cookies with the intention of giving them as gifts. The good […]

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