Valentine’s Day Crafts: True Love Toddler Art


As some of you may know, Master Two loves to paint. Thank goodness his painting skills have somewhat improved since this photo was taken! Last week he experimented with various tools and textures to paint with and had a great time. I thought it would be nice to follow up his textured painting experience with his […]

Using Textures to Paint with Toddlers

Using Textures to Paint with Toddlers

My two year old son loves to paint. Whether it is finger painting or with a brush doesn’t phase him. The art work that graces our walls are a sentiment to just how much he loves to paint. To my surprise, I noticed that he started to experiment with different painting tools. I have to […]

Birthday Party at The Playground & GIVEAWAY!!

I hadn’t planned on having a big birthday party for my son’s second birthday but with six cousins and five adult relatives coming to see him on his special day, I had to come up with something fast. With the Australian summer heat upon us, it was a no brainer that indoors was essential. Having […]

New Year’s Eve Games for all the Family

As 2014 closes in, it is time to start to think about how to spend New Year’s Eve with my family. With a toddler in tow, going out to a party or even the fireworks, as much as I would like to, it won’t work for us. That makes things difficult when we also have […]

Rocket Ship Blast off – Kids Craft Activity

Rocket Ship Blast Off!

My son is a typical little boy. Without any influence from either me or his father, he loves cars, trucks, trains, planes and frankly, anything else that moves. What better way than to teach him about motion than by seeing his very own rocket ship blast off! Requiring very simple supplies, this is a relatively […]

Learning Letters Using Rice – Make Your Own Craft

Learning Letters with Rice

Learning letters for any child can be overwhelming. This quick and simple craft is an easy way to start introducing the letters in your child’s name. As my son is still young and hasn’t yet grasped the concept of learning letters, I kept it to using only the first letter of his name. If your […]

Toddlers in the Kitchen – Get Them Involved!

Toddlers in the Kitchen

The thought of letting toddlers in the kitchen may cause anxiety in some parents, it certainly did for me. After doing some research on age appropriate learning activities for my son, I stumbled across an article on Montessori activities for toddlers. The article encouraged allowing toddlers in the kitchen to safely learn some basic food […]

Learn to Tell the Time – Make Your Own Clock

Learn to Tell the Time

I remember as a child trying to learn to tell the time. No matter what, I just couldn’t seem to learn to tell the time on an analog clock. That is, until while visiting my Nanna during the school holidays, my Aunty Rae sat down and patiently taught me. My Aunty taught me by breaking […]

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