Turn an Old Picture Frame into a Chalkboard!

Convert a Picture Frame into a Chalkboard l mum-bo-jumbo.com

It was my cousin’s birthday recently and I struggled to decide what to get her. She is studying nursing at university and I thought something to help with her studies would be useful. Around the same time I was cleaning out my craft supplies and came across some chalkboard paint I bought quite some time […]

9 Free Family Activities for Father’s Day

9 Free Fun Family Activities for Father's Day l mum-bo-jumbo.com

With Father’s Day only a week away and living expenses constantly on the rise, it is becoming increasingly difficult for families to go out for a day together. The simplicity of special days like Father’s Day seem to have long disappeared in this corporate and commercialised world. With this in mind, I have compiled a list […]

6 Tips on Hosting a Promotional Giveaway on Your Blog


Giveaways, contests, competitions and campaigns. Blogger or not, we all love them. When you come to the point of hosting a promotional giveaway on your blog, whether it is in an effort to gain new readers or whether it is because you have been approached by a particular brand, it is often hard to know […]

Tips for Using Eucalyptus Oil in the Home & GIVEAWAY!


Native to Australia, eucalyptus oil is extracted from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree. Although it’s now found all over the world, the Australian indigenous people have used eucalyptus oil for thousands of years for it’s many properties including an antiseptic, antiviral, anti fungal and as an expectorant; just to name a few. Eucalyptus oil […]

Bargain Buys for the Family with only $50

Budget Buys for the Whole Family Under $50 l mum-bo-jumbo.com

Coming from a big family (I was the eldest of 5 children), I have learned the importance of being frugal. This doesn’t mean I ever went without. In fact, that is far from the truth. We never ever went without and we always had what we needed. Growing up in a big family has definitely […]

The Etiquette of Farting Like a Lady – Guest Post

The Etiquette of Farting Like a Lady l Guest Post l mum-bo-jumbo.com

I am pleased to share with you a guest post from fellow blogger, Jennifer from Nanna’s Wisdom. This hilarious post about the etiquette of farting like a lady is bound to sit true with many of us. I hope you enjoy this light hearted and educational post as much as I did! Kelly   Ladies Do […]

10 Simple Table Centrepieces for the Home

10 Simple Table Centrepieces

People often say the heart of a home is the kitchen. While I somewhat agree, I think the true heart of the home is the dining table. After all, this is where we all gather to eat, drink, talk about our day and catch up with family and friends. For the first time in my […]

Kids Activity: Teaching Numbers and Nutrition

Teaching Numbers and Nutrition l mum-bo-jumbo.com

I cannot believe how much my son has learnt in his two short years. Each and every day he astounds me with what he “suddenly” knows that I don’t recall teaching him! One of the most recent things he showed me he had learnt was sticking and pasting. He had seen me do this a […]

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