Mummy Bloggers Tarnished By Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome

Mummy Bloggers Tarnished By Munchausen Syndrome

I woke up this morning feeling ill. Partly because of a stomach ache and partly because of an article I read about the actions a fellow Aussie mother who just happens to be a Mummy Blogger. The mother from New South Wales has been charged with harming her daughter, who was born with a genetic […]

Welcome to the Reality of Australia!

Welcome to the Reality of Australia!

Australia. They call it the lucky country. The only place in the world to have both a tropical storm and a snow storm on the same day. Australia. The country with the highest number of deadliest animals in the world. Australia. The only place where an entire state was flooded while the state next door […]

Celebrating “Lazy Mom’s Day”

Lazy Mom's Day 2014

Well, who knew? Not only do we have Mother’s Day but apparently mothers also have a day specifically allocated to being lazy. Lazy Mom’s Day falls on the first Friday of September. That does sound rather appealing, doesn’t it? Lazy Mom’s Day. A day of doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. I would love to spend the […]

Women with Big Families

Women with Big Families

I am the eldest of five children and I won’t lie, at times it was hard. Car trips, sleeping arrangements; sharing ice creams – you name it, but we worked as a team and made it through reasonably unscathed even if there was a serious lack of privacy. I was recently watching a television show […]

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