Celebrating “Lazy Mom’s Day”

Well, who knew? Not only do we have Mother’s Day but apparently mothers also have a day specifically allocated to being lazy. Lazy Mom’s Day falls on the first Friday of September.

That does sound rather appealing, doesn’t it? Lazy Mom’s Day. A day of doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. I would love to spend the day reading a good novel, or painting my nails or conditioning my hair followed by a long hot uninterrupted bath. And just to make sure I was taking full advantage of my specially allocated lazy day, I’d probably eat junk food afterwards. Lots of junk food.

Lazy Mom's Day 2014

Lazy Mom’s Day – Friday September 5 2014

So how did Lazy Mom’s Day come about, and more importantly, why have I never heard of this day before? If the truth be known, I have no idea how it came about but I do have a theory on why I, and probably everybody else, has never heard of it before. Can you imagine what it would be like if every mother in the entire world unanimously decided that it was tools down for a whole day? A full 24 hours? An entire day? There would be absolute chaos. Almost everything would come to a standstill. Except, perhaps, for the rioting in the street and the looting of fast food outlets because the children of today are not self sufficient enough to cook themselves some toast. If all mothers out there decided to fulfill Lazy Mom’s Day, it could potentially cause the outbreak of World War III particularly when we, the mothers, are left with the clean-up following one day of tools down.

I have decided I am going to be a dare devil and risk it, I am going to take full advantage of Lazy Mom’s Day. I plan on celebrating it to the extreme. That is, just as soon as I have changed my son’s nappy (diaper), put on a load of laundry, swept the kitchen floor, stripped the beds, vacuumed the bedrooms, picked up 3000 toys strewn from one end of the house to the other, fed the dog, mopped the floor, scrubbed the toilet and prepped dinner. I am going to sit on the couch and do absolutely nothing for a full 2½ minutes. That should give me enough time to enjoy being a ‘lazy’ mother before I have to start cooking dinner then getting the kids bathed and ready for bed.

Lazy Mom’s Day? Pfft. This world couldn’t survive without us for one day.




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