I Don’t Like Cleaning – Once a Week Chores Planner

I don’t like cleaning. When I say I don’t like cleaning, I mean I really, really don’t like cleaning. I think it’s because cleaning is so time consuming and takes up most of my days. I would much rather be doing…anything else. It is so monotonous (groan).

Now don’t get me wrong, although I don’t like cleaning, I do a pretty good job at the every day cleaning. The house will look somewhat half organised and reasonably tidy on most days but sometimes I take short cuts on the chores that require less attention. This is partly because (obviously) I don’t like cleaning but more importantly, because there never seem enough hours in the day. Especially with a toddler.

I realise most of my days spent cleaning is due to my son but in all honesty, he isn’t “that” bad. He has learnt to put his rubbish in the bin (“Bin yuck Mum, bin yuck”, as he shows me a squashed sultana he has picked off the bottom of his shoe), and he “helps” me hang the clothes out to dry (on the floor) before returning the empty washing basket to the laundry for me. He even puts his finished plate and cup on the kitchen bench (after spilling them) at the end of meals! However, getting him to pick up his toys is worthy of another blog post altogether…

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Listing the Chores

I decided to make a list of the weekly chores that I tend to put off or avoid. Naturally, there is an endless cleaning list in every household, but this specific list consisted of the jobs I know I actively put off for as long as possible. Come on, be honest. We all do it, right?

With my list in hand, I thought long and hard about how I could stop avoiding these tasks. The solution I came up with was to incorporate a couple of tasks each day into my daily routine. By splitting the chores over the course of the week would make things far more manageable. Plus I would be more likely to do them!!!

Even with a printed list in full view of the world to see, I knew I needed a back up plan. I needed a way to make sure I remembered what chores needed doing each day. I decided to name the tasks to coincide with the same letter of the day. For example, Monday is mopping day, Wednesday is wet areas day, Friday is fridge and freezer day, and so on and so forth. You get the idea!

I Don’t Like Cleaning – Once a Week Chores Planner

I Don't Like Cleaning l Once a Week Chores: Planner l mum-bo-jumbo.comHow simple is the once a week chores planner I came up with? I only need to incorporate two of the weekly chores into each day! This makes those tedious chores far more achieveable for me. Would this or does this work for you?

I know that between being a mother to a toddler, a wife, my blog, play group, Mainly Music and my volunteer role at the local Toy Library means there will be weeks I can’t fulfill this to the dot but I will do my best. I won’t be too hard on myself when I don’t get it all done but on those busy weeks, I will make an effort to prioritise the chores (eg mopping Monday over washing the car Wednesday, strip the beds Sunday over filing on Friday etc).

What do you think of the chalkboard look of my planner? I think it is super cute and it’s all thanks to Hannah from We Lived Happily Ever After. If you really like it, pop over to her site to download the chalkboard background for free!

In the meantime, you are welcome to download my “Once a Week Chores Planner” here. If you would like to prefer to personalise your own weekly chore planner, you can download one here.

In the interests of my readers’ ink supplies, the free “blank” planner hasn’t been created in the cute chalkboard look. Again, if you really like the chalkboard background, you are welcome to visit We Lived Happily Ever After to create your very own planner!

What weekly chores do you tend to put off for as long as possible?

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  1. kelly I love your planner and although you made it for household chores it would also be great for kids. Thanks to Hannah also for sharing her background . Have an awesome week!
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  2. I’m horrible about cleaning my car and my oven! I don’t have either one of those on a specific chore list either. I started making a daily, weekly, and monthly chore list about a year ago, but with the pregnancy, it all kind of got pushed to the side and I’ve been doing the minimum to keep the house looking decent and healthy. I need to get back to it. I also am not fond of cleaning!
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    • Hi Miranda! Thanks for stopping by! As you can see the car and the oven both made my list! There are a few things on there that I do regularly enough (like strip the beds) but I don’t do it on a scheduled day every week. When I was working, I was known as being organised but since becoming a SAHM, I am not organised at all! This is my first attempt at getting organised and by introducing a small schedule to begin with, I know it will be more achievable, even if I don’t like doing it! Hahaha

  3. I like your idea for dividing it into smaller do-able chores to make it easier to keep up with. The chalkboard background is cute too :)
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  4. I think this is a brilliant idea. I do this as well, the daily clean along with one big task. That way my weekends are pretty free to have fun. Who wants to spend the weekend cleaning? Not me :)

    I take the car somewhere to get it cleaned once a month, it is cheaper than doing it at the house, cost of water versus someone else doing it.

    I would love for someone else to clean my house daily, that will never happen!!! 😉 Hahahahaha…..

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    • I am glad I am not the only one who has to do this! Otherwise I’d never have a life. A little bit each day leaves room for family fun time on the weekend! Thanks for stopping by

  5. I have just started doing this as well, as I agree, I really do not like cleaning! I love the house to be clean, just not to keen on having to get it there! I have found having a schedule really helpful as it makes it much harder to ignore the chores I hate. And I agree on the oven and the car! My car is a terrible mess. I have decided I am going to turn that over to the kids as they actually love cleaning the car. Very cute planner too!
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