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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored however all information is based on my own personal experiences and research.

I recently shared my homemade pet food recipe I make for my rottweiler, Thor. I thought it was a good opportunity to share another way I like to keep my pets happy and healthy!

I have long used Frontline Plus products on my pets, Thor the rottweiler and Coco the cat.  With regular use, I have found Frontline Plus to be a long lasting way to prevent and eradicate fleas on my pets.

Fleas are nasty critters who live on their host. Their life normally begins in your pet’s bedding before they start to feed and breed on your pet. It is a common misconception that fleas spread by jumping from animal to animal. Instead they are normally spread through contact with areas where infested animals have been.

By treating your pets with Frontline on a regular basis, you are not only protecting your pets but you are protecting your from home a a potential flea infestation.

Breaking the Flea Life Cycle

There are four stages in the life cycle of a flea:

  • Flea eggs
  • Flea larvae
  • Flea pupae
  • Adult flea

Fleas breed incredibly fast and can survive for up to six months. This means it is really important to treat pets regularly to break the breeding cycle.

Fleas can cause all sorts of health issues for your pets. These include:

  • Skin irritation and dermatitis
  • Blood loss
  • Contracting tapeworm
  • Hair loss

Frontline Plus for My Furry Friends

Frontline Plus lasts for about a month or so on my pets. I make sure I wash their bedding in hot water often and regularly vacuum the carpeted areas of my home.

Although it is more difficult for me to bathe my dog during winter time and I have no absolutely no chance of washing my cat, regularly bathing pets is also a great way to eliminate fleas. Just make sure you don’t wash your pets 48 hours before or after applying Frontline!

Other Tips to Keep Your Pets and Home Free from Fleas

Although the peak breeding time for fleas is during the warmer months, fleas can survive and breed at any time of the year.

Here are some other tips to help keep your pets and home flea free all year long:

  • Avoid letting untreated animals into your home and backyard
  • Block off access to under the house
  • Remove debris from shaded areas of the backyard

For more great tips on eliminating fleas on your pets and help on choosing the right product for your pet, visit the Frontline website.

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored however all information is based on my own personal experiences and research. 

This post should be treated as general information only and under no circumstances should be considered medical advice for your pets. Please read all product information and instructions before administering this product on your pet. For specific medical advice about the health of your pets, please seek advice from your veterinarian. 

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