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Rocket Ship Blast Off! mum-bo-jumbo.comMy son is a typical little boy. Without any influence from either me or his father, he loves cars, trucks, trains, planes and frankly, anything else that moves. What better way than to teach him about motion than by seeing his very own rocket ship blast off!

Requiring very simple supplies, this is a relatively easy craft for older kids to make. Depending on your child’s age and skill level, they may require assistance with some of the cutting, however on the most part, should be able to assemble majority of the rocket ship themselves. After around 20 minutes of crafting, you’ll be there to witness their rocket ship blast off!

How to Make a Rocket Ship Blast Off!

Rocket Ship Blast Off mum-bo-jumbo.comWhat you need:

  • 2 paper cups
  • Card stock or paper to make a rocket
  • Medium sized elastic band
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife or piercing tool
  • Glue







  •  Step 1

Make a rocket ship from card stock or paper to fit the height and width of a paper cup.  Being an avid card maker, I always have loads of left over card stock so I used up some of my scraps.

To gain inspiration for how my rocket looked, I simply Googled “rocket ship cartoon images”.  Cut the paper or card and attach together accordingly.

Make a Rocket Ship from Card Stock mum-bo-jumbo.comRocket Ship Pieced Together


  • Step 2

Cut the elastic band as shown.

Cut an Elastic Band - Rocket Ship Blast Off


  • Step 3

Pierce 2 holes towards the top of a paper cup. Make sure they are in line with each other.

I would recommend this step is completed by an adult.

Pierce Holes - Rocket Ship Blast Off

  • Step 4

Feed the cut elastic band through one hole, tying a knot on the outside to secure it. Stretch the elastic band and feed it through the opposite hole then tie off.

This step is similar to tying off a balloon and can be a little fiddly. Some children may require assistance.

Attach Elastic Band - Rocket Ship Blast Off

Feed Elastic - Rocket Ship Blast Off

Tie Off Elastic - Rocket Ship Blast Off

  •  Step 5

Place the rocket ship on the paper cup with the elastic band attached. Roughly draw an outline on the back of the rocket ship where it will attach to the cup. Put glue on this area only.

Trace and Glue the back of Rocket Ship

  • Step 6

Attach the rocket ship to the paper cup with the elastic. Be sure that the rocket ship is placed horizontal to the elastic. The elastic knots should be located directly behind each of the red wings. 

Attach Rocket Ship - Rocket Ship Blast Off

  •   Step 7

I would recommend doing this step outside or away from anything breakable!!

Get your child to place one hand inside the second paper cup (the cup without the elastic) then place the rocket ship cup over the top of this, stretching the elastic. Hold firmly.

Start a count down with your child and when you reach 1, get them to let go and watch the rocket ship blast off!

It may take a few times to master the rocket ship blast off but once they down pat, they’ll love seeing how far they can get their rocket ship fly!

Rocket Ship Blast Off!

Top Tip: As an alternative, replace the rocket ship with a frog, rabbit or kangaroo and have some fun with jumping animals!

What activities do you do with your children to teach them about motion?

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  1. That is SUCH a cool idea! I’m defo going to try this with Archie.
    Amy x

  2. What a fun idea!

  3. What a great idea. My son loves rockets, he’d love to have a go at that.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsbeKids
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  4. Oh that’s so cool! Quite fancy making it for myself 😉
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  5. Kelly this is the perfect snow day craft. I can’t wait to try it!
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