Back to School with a SMASH GIVEAWAY

Nude Food Product Range l

I am a big supporter of Australian companies like Smash Enterprises. Products designed by Australians for Australians and at an affordable price? That is what I call winning! Additionally, knowing the owners and Directors of Smash Enterprises all have young families themselves means they understand the needs of Australian families when it comes to packing school and work lunches.

What better way to kick off the new school year with a giveaway from the popular Australian company Smash Enterprises! Smash and Nude Food storage containers and drink bottles are widely popular in Australia and I believe that almost every household would have at least one of their products. Or 10, like me! They’re so handy!

My friends over at Smash Enterprises have sent a sample of some of their best products up for grabs in a Back to School with a Smash Giveaway exclusive to Mum-bo-Jumbo! Thanks guys! How apt that the Smash giveaway ties in with my 100th post?! Hooray!!

Back to School with a SMASH GIVEAWAY l

Anyway before I spill all the details about the giveaway, I will share my experiences with a couple of items tested from the Smash and Nude Food product range.

As a disclosure, I have not received financial remuneration for this review and the comments are based entirely on my opinion and my family’s experiences with the items tested. As a means of compensation I did get to keep the two products I am about to tell you about. Smash Enterprises sent me a great selection of products and I am responsible for the giveaway postage costs.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Work I Go

Smash Crosscut Cooler Backpack l For Work l

Smash Crosscut Cooler Backpack

My husband is normally a FIFO (fly in, fly out) worker however with the recent mining downturn, this has seen him have a local job for the first time in about 8 years.

It was a handy coincidence that the parcel from Smash Enterprises arrived the day before my husband started his new job. Working away for so long meant he didn’t have his own work lunch box at home. I doubted he would be happy to use the bright pink Smash cooler lunch bag in the kitchen cupboard that belongs to his daughter. Well, perhaps not on his first day at a new job anyway! Haha

All of his problems were solved with the Smash Crosscut Cooler Backpack. Fully insulated, the backpack features:

  • Side pockets on the exterior
  • An exterior zipped pouch at the top
  • Adjustable back straps
  • Adjustable side straps
  • Reinforced front straps with solid clips
  • Adjustable drawstrings to close the bag
  • 2 sections inside the interior
  • A large handle to hang the bag
  • Good quality material

Smash Crosscut Cooler Backpack l mum-bo-jumbo.comMy husband packed his lunch in the bag and topped it with a blue freezer brick. Being in the midst of a heatwave, he also packed a number of frozen water bottles to see him through the day.

These additions helped to keep his lunch cool for a reasonable amount of time however as he was operating a machine without air conditioning in 40 degree (Celsius) heat, the severe heat didn’t do the backpack justice. I also suspect my husband may not have adjusted the side straps to tighten the insulation firmly around his lunch box. Doing this would have helped to keep his lunch significantly cooler for much longer.

Smash Crosscut Cooler Backpack l Open l

Far from deterred, my husband loves his new insulated work backpack and uses it every day. The sheer size allows him to pack other items such as paperwork, books, sunglasses, sun block, hat etc. The quality, the large sectioned interior and it’s sturdiness confirms the backpack is designed to hold not only a lot of content but it can handle a decent amount of weight as well.

My husband mentioned that a colleague showed a signs of “backpack envy” when he saw him carrying the Crosscut Cooler Backpack around the work site and was promptly asked where he got it from!

In less severe weather conditions, I believe the Smash Crosscut Cooler Backpack would do a splendid job of keeping food and drink cool for longer. It is the perfect portable addition to family picnics, barbecues, parties, camping, sporting events or any other outdoorsy type activity.

Nude Food Cutlery Mover

Nude Food Cutlery Mover l mum-bo-jumbo.comAs I mentioned, it was a perfect timing that the package from Smash Enterprises arrived in the knick of time for my husband to commence his new job. Only hours before I collected the mail, my husband asked if I could buy him some cutlery for work. He requested that it was suitable to be stored in a sealed container because of the dust on site.

Words cannot explain how thrilled I was when I realised the parcel contained a Nude Food Cutlery Mover set! Yes the set may have been pink but in this situation, pink cutlery is better than a pink lunch box. 

The Nude Food Cutlery Mover set contains:

  • A two piece compact storage container
  • A knife
  • A fork
  • A spoon
  • A pair of chopsticks

The cutlery set is ingenious with how the chopsticks are also interchangeable clip-in handles for the fork, the knife and the spoon. Brilliant space saver!

Nude Food Cutlery Mover l Open l

Although they are made of plastic, the cutlery is tough and sturdy. They are designed for a reasonable amount of wear and tear, and it would be difficult to break them.

My husband didn’t provide me with any specific feedback about the Nude Food Cutlery Mover other than “Yeah, they are good”. I assure you that if he wasn’t happy or didn’t like something about the cutlery, I would have been the first to hear about it. He didn’t even complain about the colour.

Nude Food Cutlery Mover l Container l

For details about where you can purchase Smash or Nude Food products, please see the Stockists list over at Smash Enterprises.

Back to School with a Smash Giveaway!

One lucky winner will walk away with all of these products from Smash Enterprises.

Back to School with a Smash Giveaway l

The Back to School with Smash Giveaway prize pack contains:

  • Smash Bee Cube Lunch Bag
  • Smash Ice Puck
  • Smash Medium Wetsuit Pencil Case
  • Smash 750ml Stealth Bottle
  • Smash Lunch Buddies 4 Piece Set
  • Nude Food Movers Lunch Box & 2 Piece Container Set
  • Nude Food Movers Wrap and Roll Container
  • Nude Food Movers Muffin Mover
  • Boomerang Food Movers 3 Piece Stack Tubes

‘Back to School with a Smash Giveaway’ Terms and Conditions:

  • Competition opens Monday 2 February 2015 and closes at midnight Monday 9 February 2015 (Western Australia Time)
  • Giveaway is open to Australian residents only
  • Back to School with Smash Giveaway Prize Pack is as described above
  • Rafflecopter entry options will be verified. To be eligible to win, entrants must correctly complete and fulfill the conditions outlined on the Rafflecopter entry form. Any entries that haven’t complied with the specific task will be disqualified
  • The winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter
  • accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged prizes
  • Winners will be contacted by email. If no response is received or postal address is not provided within 48 hours of notification, the prize(s) will be forfeited to another randomly selected winner
  • No correspondence shall be entered into

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Do you use Smash or Nude Food products at your house?

What is your favourite product?

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  1. My son loves avocadoes, boiled eggs & cheese the most as sandwich fillings .

  2. What a great giveaway and especially in time for school resuming!
    jennifer Abel invites you to read their latest post: Using Fruit & Veg in CakesMy Profile

  3. I just sent my daughter to school with a nude lunchbox, i loved it with the different compartmemts i think she will too.

  4. Joanne Thomas says:

    We love smash… so reasonable in pricing.. good quality..we have a few products but the Nude Food Mover Lunch Box set is a winner on my house.. room.for a sandwich.. and 2 containers for small.snacks.. ideal for kindy/pre primary student too

    • Hi Joanne, thanks for popping by. Smash products are great. Even though I don’t have school aged kids (one is too old and the other too young!) my kitchen cupboard is still packed with their products. So versatile and long lasting. Love them too!

  5. We don’t have any smash products as yet, but I’ve seen other kids with them at school and want to try them for my 2 girls who are at school. Having 5 kids I’m always lugging around endless amounts of snacks and these look great!

    • Hi Ali, thanks for popping by! Wow, you certainly have your hands full and I can see how this pack would be a great help to you. Good luck!

  6. Narelle Rock says:

    my daughter loves wraps with lettuce, red onion, cheese, chicken, cucumber, tomato and a little bit of mayonnaise

  7. A bit smelly but all three of my kids love sweet chilli tuna.

  8. My girls love homemade beetroot dip – yum!

    • Ooo Rebecca, I would love that recipe. I have only had the chunky beetroot dip you can buy and that is delicious! I made a beetroot and apple cake that featured on my blog last week, love beetroot. So yummy! Good luck

  9. The Crosscut Cooler would be great for my husband to take to work. He spends too much on takeaway. We use heaps of smash products at our place. Love the stack tubes for kids recess.

    • It is such a great bag, Kim! He had dibs on it as soon as he saw it! Buying lunch every day does get expensive but my husband does get to buy his lunch once a week, haha! Good luck

  10. The cutlery set is just perfect for on the go. Just what I need for my little person and the rest for the day she starts daycare & school!
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  11. My 7 year old loves butter , tomato sauce & cheese as filling in the sandwich.

    Nude Food Movers Rubbish free lunchbox is my favourite SMASH product – it allows me to pack healthy and nutritious lunches both for my son & husband without any cling wrap & foil. It has great quality & allows me to pack a good amount of food .

  12. My amazing and generous Smash lunch parcel arrived today. My eldest is going to be stoked when she gets home from school and sees all of her colourful new lunch containers.


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