Valentine’s Day Crafts: Love Heart Bunting

Valentine's Day Crafts l Love Heart Bunting

Valentine’s Day has never been a big thing in my household. Well, speaking from my husband’s perspective that is. He believes it is too commercialised (which it is) and this takes away from the sentiment of the day. I must admit, he may not be the most romantic person but he does try. A few […]

Brown Paper Crafts: Rustic Flowers for Christmas

Brown Paper Crafts: Rustic Flower Table Centrepiece

  Brown paper crafts are great at Christmas time. In all honesty, I love the versatility of brown paper at anytime but more so during the Festive season. Earlier this year I received a very large box in the mail. Although I was expecting the package, I was very confused at the size of the […]

Rocket Ship Blast off – Kids Craft Activity

Rocket Ship Blast Off!

My son is a typical little boy. Without any influence from either me or his father, he loves cars, trucks, trains, planes and frankly, anything else that moves. What better way than to teach him about motion than by seeing his very own rocket ship blast off! Requiring very simple supplies, this is a relatively […]

50+ Kids Crafts Tips and Ideas

Kids Crafts Tips and Ideas

One of the best things about kids crafts is the endless possibilities. With your skills, their imagination and a dash of inspiration from Pinterest, you are well on the way to creative genius. Kids love making crafts because they are fun and engaging. Kids crafts help with the development of fine motor skills and keeps […]

Paper Plate Christmas Wreath with Photo

Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

With Christmas only a matter of weeks away, a paper plate Christmas wreath is an easy craft for kids to make. As this paper plate Christmas wreath is designed to include a photograph, kids can give this personalised gift to family members, friends, neighbours or even their teacher! How to Make a Paper Plate Christmas […]

Learning Letters Using Rice – Make Your Own Craft

Learning Letters with Rice

Learning letters for any child can be overwhelming. This quick and simple craft is an easy way to start introducing the letters in your child’s name. As my son is still young and hasn’t yet grasped the concept of learning letters, I kept it to using only the first letter of his name. If your […]

Learn to Tell the Time – Make Your Own Clock

Learn to Tell the Time

I remember as a child trying to learn to tell the time. No matter what, I just couldn’t seem to learn to tell the time on an analog clock. That is, until while visiting my Nanna during the school holidays, my Aunty Rae sat down and patiently taught me. My Aunty taught me by breaking […]

Halloween Ghost Finger Puppets in 4 Simple Steps!

Halloween Ghost Finger Puppets

Halloween Ghost Finger Puppets are super easy to make. I had some left over cardboard egg carton from my recent caterpillar project so decided to put it to good use. All you need is a cardboard egg carton, some white poster paint and a brush, scissors and a permanent black marker. Four simple steps later […]

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