What Happened to Mum-bo-Jumbo? One Simple Key to Blogging


Well, where do I start. In a nutshell, I took some much needed time out from blogging. This (unexpected) break was for a number of reasons but mainly for my family. Initially we were all hit with illness. Then I started to actively apply for jobs close to home. Add in the fact I started […]

Monday Madness – FREE PRINTABLE: How to Live Life

Free Printable - How to Live Life

There is a saying along the lines of there is nothing free in this world. Today I am going to dispel that myth by sharing with you my very first free printable. I believe we all occasionally need a little something for free. I have designed this FREE PRINTABLE especially for my readers. The free printable […]

My Favourite Things in Life…

My Favourite Things in Life

I could write a post about my favourite colour (blue), my favourite comedy movie (The God’s Must be Crazy) or even my favourite food (chicken kiev) but rather than that boring stuff, I am going to share some of my actual favourite things in life. I have many favourite things that it has been hard […]

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