Homemade Christmas Sugar Cookies

Homemade Christmas Sugar Cookies mum-bo-jumbo.com

As some of you may be aware, I am relatively new to the baking scene. The only other cookies or biscuits I have ever baked from scratch before are ANZAC biscuits and they are foolproof.  I decided to branch out and bake some Christmas sugar cookies with the intention of giving them as gifts. The good […]

Sea Salt Sweet Potato Crisps

Sea Salt Sweet Potato Crisps mum-bo-jumbo.com

Looking for a healthy crisp type snack, I was inspired to try making my own sweet potato crisps. I don’t own a deep fryer and figure owning one would probably defeat the whole purpose of me trying to cook healthier meals and snacks for my family. I attempted to make sweet potato crisps in the […]

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