I Don’t Like Cleaning – Once a Week Chores Planner

I Don't Like Cleaning l Once a Week Chores: Planner l mum-bo-jumbo.com

I don’t like cleaning. When I say I don’t like cleaning, I mean I really, really don’t like cleaning. I think it’s because cleaning is so time consuming and takes up most of my days. I would much rather be doing…anything else. It is so monotonous (groan). Now don’t get me wrong, although I don’t […]

My Husband Calls Me Moody – It’s Not What You Think!

My Husband Calls Me Moody but not for Reasons You Think

Most husbands call their better half Love, Babe, Darling or Sweetheart but my husband calls me Moody. As much as you might think you know why, it actually isn’t for the obvious reason…however I can’t deny that I don’t have moments of moodiness because lets face it, who doesn’t? I often get puzzled looks from […]

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