What Happened to Mum-bo-Jumbo? One Simple Key to Blogging

Well, where do I start. In a nutshell, I took some much needed time out from blogging.

This (unexpected) break was for a number of reasons but mainly for my family. Initially we were all hit with illness. Then I started to actively apply for jobs close to home. Add in the fact I started to research some study options and before I knew it, I had neglected my blog for weeks. Somewhere along the way, I had lost my Mum-bo-vation.

This break allowed me to reflect on why I want to blog and what I want to get out of blogging. I do it because I enjoy it and for no other reason.

I also had time to think long and hard about what experience I would like to give my readers when they stop by. This process helped me to plan the long term direction of Mum-bo-Jumbo.

After much deliberation, I have made the executive decision to no longer hold the Mum-bo Monday or Toddler Link Up Parties.

This isn’t because I don’t want to “party” with you anymore but rather that most of my blogging time was spent entirely on link up party administration.

This meant time away from what I love the most – writing. I missed not having enough time to blog about my life, my family, my cooking and my crafts.

Even though it’s time for me to settle down on the partying, I just can’t give up link up parties entirely. I will continue to party with many of you at your own link up parties and I will still stay on as a co-host of Turn it Up Tuesday!

Turn it Up Tuesday link up party, hosted by Natasha at Epic Mommy Adventures, has long been a favourite of mine. I have had the privilege of being featured a number of times and the opportunity to connect with many wonderful and supportive bloggers!

I will still blog here at Mum-bo-Jumbo around once or twice a week, or as often as I can. I’ll continue to party with many of you at link ups. Of course I will see a lot of you on social media but perhaps not as often as I have done in the past.

Although I haven’t been fortunate enough to secure a job yet, I will continue my search. I will also finally make my decision this week about what and where I will study.

I really love blogging. I love blogging about my experiences. I love the blogging connections I have made. I love the fact that I can make my own blogging rules: my blog, my say, my way.

Most importantly, I love that I have discovered the one simple key to blogging: Balance.

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