A Beginner’s Guide On How To Pluck A Wig

Hair stylists have used plucked human hair wigs for years to give their clients the appearance of having genuine hair. In fact, it is still a popular option for wigs today and is worn by a large portion of the population.

The pre-plucked lace wig, which is well recognized for producing a natural look, is one of the most well-liked solutions among the wide range of alternatives offered. The majority of pre-plucked lace wigs feature narrow hairlines that resemble your own natural hairline.

You may get a natural-looking hairline with pre-plucked wigs. As with actual hair, the density on the top of a plucked wig is lower. Around a person’s hairline, hair always grows unevenly in length, which is a sign of normal hair development.

Therefore, the hairpiece or wig should also be plucked to give that similar appearance and create a beautiful hairline in order to achieve a truly authentic look. This issue is not present with pre-plucked wigs.

However, you must manually execute plucking on a wig if it has not been pre-plucked. How?

We describe how to pluck a lace wig on your own in this article.

The following straightforward customisation techniques can help you get your desired natural look if you do not already have the pre-plucked wig.

You will require a lunas cap with combs and adjustable straps. a mannequin, coconut oil, mousse, and canvas hair.

Step 1 (Optional): We entirely leave this step up to you and your preferences. It concerns how to bleach the knots so they are undetectable and the wigs appear more natural. Remove the comb that is in the center first. The hair will lay more flat thanks to this procedure. The knots, represented by the tiny dots at the base of the cap where the hair is joined, should be bleached. Take two scoops of bleach powder and your preferred developer (30–40). The developer should have a thick consistency because it shouldn’t soak into the hair. Apply the aforementioned mixture to the hair gently, being careful not to press too hard to prevent the bleach from penetrating the hair.

Step 2 (Optional): Let the bleach sit for at least 30 to 45 minutes to achieve the desired outcome from step 1. Proceed to shampoo the region of the cap where the knot has been bleached after that. Before rinsing, let it stay for three to four minutes.

Please take note that: Bleaching the hair knots can improve how natural-looking the wig looks, but we strongly advise against doing so. Instead, consult a professional for advice or use foundation inside the lace. Crazy hair loss can result from overbleaching.

Step 3: This is when the actual plucking procedure starts. It entails applying the hair to the mannequin and beginning the hairline customization. If the wig has already been plucked, you don’t need to do any more, but if you don’t like it, make sure to remove the so-called “baby” hair first.

Please take a small amount of mousse and begin to apply it around the hairline. The hair will push back easier if you use a curling wand for this. It will be simpler to tweeze the hair if it appears a little bit sticky thanks to the mousse.

Step 4: After finishing step 3, be sure to dry your hair. It is simpler to discern the hairline at this point after drying. Put a little coconut oil in your hair. The quality of the tweezers you use will directly affect the results, so get a pair of the best ones you can find. To get rid of any hair knots that did not breach effectively, start tweezing from the front of the hairline. Split the hair, then re-enter the hairline to start tweezing. Only tweezing the front does not get rid of any additional hair that can increase the bulk, compromising the final appearance. To prevent developing bald spots, exercise caution when tweezing and avoid focusing for an extended period of time on any one place.

Step 5: Continue to divide some more hair into sections. Take some hair this time from the regions that are not as thin as the others. With the hairline, it produces an ombre or gradation look. The frontals begin to appear more authentic.

Step 6: Once the natural hairline has been completed, recreate some baby hair to make it appear more realistic than the ones that came with the wig. Your wig will be ready to wear and the hairline will look very natural as a result.

Even though we recommend carrying a good tweezer with you at all times, if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have one, you can use your long nails to pluck the hair. But be cautious.

When you don’t have a mannequin: It may seem difficult to some, but it’s not at all. If there is no mannequin available, pull your wig from your head. To avoid over-plucking, you must hold your lace tightly in your hands. Some people prefer this method because they can precisely control the direction of their hairline when wearing a wig.

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