What Fun Things Can I Do With Personalised Bobbleheads?

Kids were the first to appreciate bobbleheads because they found the undulating appearance of the toys to be amusing. Because there are so many entertaining things you can do with these objects, it has over time become more and more well-liked among adults.

Personalized bobbleheads are frequently used as dashboard decorations for cars so you can give your ride some personality. Bobbleheads are very popular as amusing gifts for loved ones, and some people use them as the toppers for wedding cakes to add extra personalization. In addition, isn’t it amusing to spot a tiny version of oneself bob around the corner?

In addition to the choices we previously stated, there are other fascinating ways to include bobbleheads in your life. We’ve got you covered if you’re stuck in a boring situation and wondering what you could do with your bobbleheads. Here are some suggestions for using your personalized bobbleheads. Let’s start now!

  1. Joke with your teacher
    You can use a few bobbleheads as your secret weapon if you want to play a safe and amusing practical joke on your favorite teacher. You should have the support of another teacher and your fellow students for this practical joke.

Everyone in the class will need their own customized bobblehead for this, even the instructor you’re playing a practical joke on. After that, set your teacher’s bobblehead on their desk and all of yours on their corresponding chairs. You and your classmates should conceal after everything is ready and wait until your teacher shows up.

Make sure you record your teacher’s reaction when they see bobbleheads in chairs rather than actual humans since it will be amusing!

  1. Frighten your roommate
    Giving your roommate a mild fright with your bobblehead is another practical joke you may play on them. You’ll need a little assistance from your buddies to carry out this idea.

The first thing you should do is have personalized bobbleheads manufactured of all of your friends, including yourself, wearing the attire you intend to wear to the event at your house. Make sure the friend you want to prank can’t see your bobbleheads once you have the toys prepared and all your pals have arrived.

Now that everyone is present—including the person you’ll prank—start telling spooky stories to one another to alter the atmosphere and mood. Include a frightening tale of how the characters unexpectedly transformed into dolls in the middle of the exercise. Ask your friend to acquire some refreshments from the kitchen or something else that might take some time once the storytelling sessions are over.

Set the bobbleheads in their proper positions as soon as they leave the room, then swiftly slip away where your friend can’t see you. It’s a terrible thought to have a horror story come true, so make sure you have a camera ready to record their reaction.

  1. Office-employee joke
    Planning a prank for a coworker is a terrific way to boost the spirit at work. It will be funny if it’s their birthday!

To begin with, you must confirm that your entire team supports playing a practical joke on a coworker. A unique bobblehead of the office worker you want to prank must be manufactured and available before your scheduled meeting after you have everyone on board. When everyone from your team has arrived early for the meeting and you have your bobblehead ready, place your colleague’s bobblehead on their seat.

You should now conduct your meeting as though the employee you wish to prank is there. Then, when they enter the room, they’ll be perplexed to see a miniature version of themselves seated there!

For both toddlers and adults, custom bobbleheads can be entertaining. Its adaptability enables you to carry out a variety of activities and practical jokes that will undoubtedly create a lasting impression on your friends and family. Therefore, if you want to add some humor, consider pulling off some of these pranks. You’ll even get your own bobblehead to keep as a memento of the experience.

Do you intend to order personalized bobbleheads? You can feel the thrill that comes from seeing your likeness on a figure thanks to Bobblecustom’s amazing talent for crafting one-of-a-kind figurines of people. Make a miniature representation of a loved one or yourself right now!

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