The Custom Bobbleheads Guide for 2023

Any workstation, any shelf, or wherever someone wants to see something that makes them grin would benefit from having a bobblehead! Many of us amass Bobbleheads of all kinds depending on our preferred fictional characters or athletes. But did you know that you could create a customized bobblehead for a friend, member of your family, or someone you care about?

What more thoughtful and original gift could you provide to let someone know how much you care? Nobody will judge you if you feel the urge to treat yourself. However, how are Custom Bobbleheads created? Is “near enough” good enough or do they genuinely capture the likeness and characteristics of the intended recipient? Join us for a look at our 2020 Custom Bobbleheads guide.

We’ll try to cover all the information you require regarding personalized bobbleheads in this article.

How does it function?
You may quickly make and give a bobblehead to someone you care about based on their individual likeness. Also, we’re not just talking about roughly mimicking their face, hair, and eye colors. We’re talking about faithfully reproducing their likeness as a Bobblehead so they can be delighted and amused for years to come.

Send us a clear front-facing photo of the person you want to honor, and our skilled artisans will do the rest, creating a frighteningly exact yet adorably charming bobble head of them.


We keep you informed and send you email proofs of the head, hair, and body (where appropriate) to make sure you’re satisfied with the outcome.

In addition, we are pleased to provide FREE approvals at various stages of the production of your hand-crafted Custom Bobblehead. We are happy to make any minor adjustments you feel may improve the precision or effectiveness of your bobblehead at no additional charge. So you don’t have to worry about getting a surprise when your bobblehead arrives.

Each and every one of our custom bobbleheads is entirely handmade using polymer clay. For a gift of genuine quality, we believe in workmanship and providing the personal touch.

What is customizable?
every single thing! View our collection to view Custom Bobbleheads of various eras with a huge assortment of attire, accessories, and even automobiles. Is your guy often working on his motorcycle? It can be bundled with his Custom Bobblehead. Is your wife really alive only while she’s playing golf? Draw her with her clubs by her side in exact resemblance. For animal enthusiasts, we may also incorporate Personalized Bobbleheads with pets.

Regardless of their distinctive sense of style, we can accurately capture it and render it in bobblehead form. We manufacture Custom Bobbleheads with a wide variety of clothes and accessory options. We can also take pictures of your intended recipient wearing a variety of professional attire and posing.

Do you want to imagine the receiver as their favorite superhero, a global superspy, or a Jedi Knight with a force field? We can accomplish it! Transform a loved one into their preferred wizard, action figure, Avenger, or Justice Leaguer.

Action, camera, light!
We rarely find ourselves standing still in life. Additionally, you can portray your recipient in a variety of stances in addition to choosing a Custom Bobblehead that depicts them saluting.

Our Custom Bobbleheads come in a wide range of action positions, so you can capture your DC Comics-obsessed brother pulling open his shorts to expose the classic Superman “S” or your martial arts-obsessed sister practicing her high kicks.

Can I order two or more Custom Bobbleheads?
Yes, please! Getting matching Custom Bobbleheads of oneself and one’s significant other is a popular request from our customers. Or even by themselves along with members of their band, sports team, or workplace group. Every time you see them, it will make you smile because it’s a wonderful way to celebrate your love, friendship, or teamwork.

Have you ever wondered how your family might appear in Star Wars? Or wearing the uniform of your preferred sports team? We can accomplish it!

Can a Bobblehead be made from scratch?
Of course! Even though we take great pleasure in our ability to provide excellent personalization, we also have a “Head to Toe” custom option that offers you total control over every element of your Personalized Bobblehead’s appearance. These are fantastic for commemorating important occasions or for immortalizing priceless memories in bobblehead form.

This option is also available for Custom Couple, Group, and Family Bobbleheads.

Can I still order a Custom Bobblehead if I’m not in the US?
Quality is important when obtaining a personalized bobblehead. In your home nation, you might not be able to get a personalized bobblehead produced to your exact requirements. However, that does not imply that you should be left out. No matter where in the globe you reside, you can be sure to receive a Custom Bobblehead of genuine quality that is hand produced by an expert using high quality materials since we are pleased to ship everywhere.

Can I place a large order?
We can still handle large orders even though we provide handcrafted quality in every Personalized Bobblehead! For orders of up to 1,000 bobbleheads, we will be pleased to arrange bulk orders on identical bobbleheads. Perfect for corporate or commercial events or gatherings!

Any inquiries? Do not be reluctant to contact us!
Visit our website for a few minutes to view the amazing customizing options and outcomes that may be attained with our bobbleheads. Your imagination is your only constraint.

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